Accept the assignment

It is easy to appreciate God’s leading when He takes us from a slippery road, and places our feet on the solid rock; when He expressly answers our prayers by providing our needs. What about when we cannot figure out the way of the Lord’s working?


You remember how after a lesson, the teacher would give out assignments (problems). The teacher knew the answers, we didn’t. It was in solving the problems that we learnt to know what the teacher knew. When we solved one problem today, the teacher would give you a more difficult one tomorrow. Now imagine if a student said “No, I will not do that difficult one, I have one I have chosen for myself, an easier assignment.” The student will never grow.

We must learn to accept the assignment that Christ the Master teacher gives us. He already showed us this. He accepted Gethsemane as an assignment given to him by the Father:

The cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?
John 18:11.

As far as Christ was concerned, the cross was a cup handed from the Father, not the Roman soldiers, not Caiaphas, not Judas. No. He trusted Himself in His Father’s hands so much as to trust that whatever came to Him passed through the weighing scales of His Father’s hands. I pray for the experience of the hymn writer:

Help Me Lord when toil and trouble meeting

So to take as from a Father’s hand

Accept the assignment!


4 thoughts on “Accept the assignment

  1. It has been a while. Thanks for the come back. And indeed it’s a dandy article. I will pray to accept the assignment no matter how hard it is. God bless.

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