Meet Richard (Once again)

I once told you about Richard.

Two years later, the young man’s story of faith still continues. Thanks to support from friends, Richard is now in Form 2.

This is how it happened…

We took the challenge by God’s grace. Richard and Irene (I’ll tell you her story another day) are now through with their first year in High School. While we thought taking Richard to boarding school was the best we could offer him, he had other plans. He needed to visit the churches he helped establish. He needed to juggle between his assignments and visit community in their homes. He humbly requested to enroll in the nearest secondary day school, which is like over 20 km away from the communities he loves serving. He knows all church members, prospective church members, their family members, their neighbours, their livestock, their challenges, which homes have (or do not have) bibles… everything!

Sometimes he has to walk to Kitelakapel from school every Friday, to conduct church services in one church, while coordinating with the elders (whom he has trained and mentored) to conduct services in the other church. Sundays are visitation days, after which he has to make the long trek back to school.

We are positive that God will provide the funds for their school fees this term, somehow. The best investment we can make for Kitelakapel is to educate Richard and Irene. They have re-defined self-sacrifice, radical commitment to the Lord’s cause and missionary lifestyle.


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