Jason and his dad’s promise

So I was watching a song with my son Jason last week where someone was playing a piano. He says, look daddy, a piano. Then without thinking about it I promised “I’ll buy you a toy piano.”
I left for the day and  he keeps telling he mum, “Daddy is bringing me a piano. I want to call him and tell him to bring it when he comes back” So he called me on her mum’s phone at 8pm and said “Si daddy unaniletea piano?” I had forgotten about my promise! So now I started the search. I went from shop to shop without any success.

This sounds very trivial, but it made me think, how often do we take our heavenly Father at his word. Like Jason, we should rest assured that our heavenly Father will keep his word. No circumstances can hinder Him from keeping any promise He has made to us.

So I didnt get the piano that night. I decided to buy him a toy car. When I gave it to him he said “Thanks daddy, na piano iko wapi?”


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