Parable of the pencil

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The pencil factory-maker had just finished to manufacturing his set of new pencils. The pencils were thrilled that they were just about to be released into the world. And the factory-maker gives them a speech before releasing them. And he says, to the pencils:
1. Each of you pencils can only be useful when held in the hand someone.
2. You shall be sharpened more often than not, to make you more effective
3. You have a rubber at the other end to rub off your mistakes
4. No matter what color of pencil you are or how you look outside, it is the inside that really counts
5. Always leave a mark wherever you pass.

Object lessons
1. We can only be useful when we place ourselves in the hand of the One who does not err. Have you placed yourself in His hand? Proverbs 23:26

2. God allows…

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