Radical Richard

For Richard, Mission is not an event, it’s a lifestyle.

I sat on the edge of my seat as I listened to little Richard narrate his story during the ALIVE Kenya Mission to North Pokot. He’s in class 7. You will always find him with two things: his old Swahili New Testament Bible, tarred and all marked; his old black mamba bike and a biro pen. Bring up a trifling conversation, he’ll pull away and find better company with his little bible.

Richard doing Translation to Pokot
Richard doing Translation to Pokot

He cycled for over 12 hours to get to the Mission site. He actually attended all 3 Missions that ran concurrently, never mind the distances. By the time the last Missions are done, he’ll be back to school. While in his school, he is busy having bible studies with his classmates (and yes, even teachers). He was expelled from his former school for ‘filling the school with his doctrine’ (read Present Truth). He has been summoned by the His former Bishop to defend his belief. He was poisoned by his mother when he broke the news that he was converted (Praise God he survived to lead her mother, brothers and father to baptism!).

Talk about a Sense of Urgency. Talk about Radical Commitment. Talk about Love for mission. Talk about Excellence. 

Am challenged.


8 thoughts on “Radical Richard

  1. Wow, thats a real radical commitment, nothing can deter him in sharing the faith He has received. May our Dear Lord bless him in all His endeavors.

  2. Aww!

    such radical commitment. Poison? Expulsion from School? Cycling over 12 hours?

    Now that’s something! the Holy Spirit, i bet!

  3. …and Richard’s story continues, He is now in Form two and acts as the Bible worker in Kitelakapel. He goes to a boarding school about 50km away and gets back every Friday evening to organise the church members on Sabbath. He sometimes walks all the way(I wonder what happened to his black mamba).

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